Me (EN)

I am Eva. I was born into this word in 1974. I was lucky, as I was born is a prosperous country (Belgium) in a family that could provide me with everything I needed and that stimulated me to grasp opportunities. Both my parents were hard-working and and today they still are my role-models.

I grew up in Sint-Niklaas, a  provincial town, where I attended the all-girls school De Heilige Familie, the scouts,  ballet- and music classes. I went t My secondary studies to the  Vita-et-Pax College in Schoten for my secondary studies including classical languages. I read many books, mainly historic stories. As of the the 4th year of high school I became more and more interested in politics. Especially the continuing efforts since the beginning the 70s of Lucienne Herman-Mischielsens to legalise  abortion in certain circumstances, made me realise that society and its laws, norms and insights and  are continuously evolving, but that this evolution can be pushed in different directions. Despite many opposition from conservative groups she ensured that the abortion law was adopted in 1990 in Belgium, which enabled women to terminate in certain circumstances unwanted pregnancies, what, in my opinion, was an important advancement of society, especially for women. During the last year of high school I  became a member of the Flemish Liberal Party, PVV.

When I was 18 I went to the  Vrije Universiteit Brussel to study “handelsingenieur” (managerial engineering). After my very protected childhood and youth, a whole new world opened to me. I got confirmation for my conviction that grew during previous years that there was no creator who determines what is good and what is evil, no almighty to whom we the mortals are accountable and that one’s life and happiness is not determined a higher power. A human determines its own happiness, he is free in his thinking and acting: he can choose himself what he does and does. The power to be happy and develop a meaningful life comes from within the human being.

The 2nd grade year I followed at the Freie Universitat Berlin. The Berlin was had barely fallen 10 years and the division of the city and the related history was still very tangible.  Here again my world became a little bit bigger: I studied with many other Erasmus studenst from all over Europe,  who, at first side were very diverse, but actually very united by a common European history, cultural and filosofical principles.

After finishing my Master in Brussels, I followed a Master in International Political Economy at the University of Warwick where focussed my research on the impact of minimum labour standards on trade flows and the impact of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on the competitiveness of companies. In Warwick I was no longer studying only  with other European students but with people from all over the world, people who grew up in South-African townships, in South-American hacienda’s, in Kazakhstan, Japan, the USA … from very aloof to very extrovert,  from communist to liberal, from very religious to atheist… . it was one of the most enriching experiences of my life. Contrarily to studying amongst Europeans I sensed the differences in culture, the sensitivities below the surface, the enormous differences in changes that people get in life, the way men see women and women see men, the importance attributed to materials possessions, religion, norms, social status, integrity, … East versus West, North versus South …

After graduation I started working at a consulting firm LMC International in Oxford. A couple of years later I returned to Belgium to work as an assistance of the Economics professor at the VUB and afterwards as a policy officer at the Confederation of the European Food and Drink industry monitoring the competitiveness of the European Industry. In 2007 I passed the European “concours” Economics and Statistics and in 2009 I found a job in DG Trade (anti-dumping & relations with China and South-East Asia) of the European Commission. From 2014 till 2018 I worked at DG Energy where I was  in charge of the relation with China en South-East Asia and energy-related trade files. Since May 2018 I am working at DG Mare. I am part of the international unit and I negotiate the fisheries-related parts of free trade agreements (tariffs, rules of origin, sustainable development, …). 

Since 2007 I am a member of the communal council of Hoeilaart for Open VLD and in 2013 I became the alderman (schepen/echevin) in Hoeilaart for Sports, Education, Child Care and Family, Housing, Energy and Integration.

In 2010 I ran in the elections for the Belgian Senate on the 19th position on the Open VLD list and got 15127 votes. In 2014 I occupied the 4th position on the Open VLD list for the European elections and obtained 33969 votes.

I am the mother of two adorable children that I try to raise in total freedom, in the hope that they will be confident, quite critical, but most of all happy now and in their future lives.

My own little history made me the person I am today, how I think about issues and what inspires and interests me. The articles that I post on this site will mostly deal with my professional interests (China, South-East Asia, Trade and Energy), my political activities in Hoeilaart and my personal interests that I developed over the years (Gender, CSR, Literature).

All visions, opinions and declarations on this site are personal.